Basic Services

HRES provides geotechnical services that include subsurface explorations, foundation evaluations and recommendations, and pavement evaluations and recommendations. Its geotechnical expertise includes design, planning, execution of new geotechnical projects and the remedial procedures to correct foundation problems of existing structures, extensive involvement with axial and lateral pile analyses, slope stability evaluation on retaining walls and embankments using geo-grids. Other specialties include design of numerous retaining walls types such as mechanically stabilized earth, reinforced concrete, sheet pile cantilever and anchored walls.

The firm has geotechnical drilling capabilities and an in-house laboratory for testing of soils.  The drilling is performed with two truck mounted drill rigs, Central Mining Equipment, model CME-55 with an automatic hammer.  HRES has 4-inch diameter rock coring wire line capabilities.

HRES also provides construction materials testing inspection services including PDA Inspection, site preparation and foundation inspections.

Capability and Experience

HRES has one Professional Engineer with over 24 years of experience in the civil engineering field and registered in the State of Florida.  The remaining of the staff consists of two Project Engineers with over 2 and 8 years of experience respectively, three Staff Engineers with over 1 year of experience, two drilling crews ( two senior drillers and two helpers) to operate the truck mounted drill rig, and two administrators.